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Green Renovation Tips For Your New Home

Are you looking for ways to green renovate your home to make it run more efficiently? But before the end of the year, many will enjoy various greenhouse renovation efforts and reimagine their home as if it were new. If you are looking for some advice, here are some suggestions that can fix the look of your home and make it green and more environmentally friendly. Please see the condos that are available in Singapore.

Use wood as your best option

Although the wood gets bad pressure, it is a “greener” option than the plastic veneer on the cheap particle board, which is a block full of harmful chemicals. Also, most furniture made in bulk or annoyingly cheap has not been built to last long and is going to landfill in a few years. On the other hand, well-made wooden furniture will last decades. However, if you use wood indoors, be sure to get it from legal farms that practice sustainable forestry methods.

Energy-efficient windows

Installing new windows, especially double-pane models, can help reduce leaks in your home. Energy-saving windows, when properly closed, help you regulate the heat and air in your home, in addition to natural lighting.

Take the passive design

How does your home cope? Does the morning sunlight wake you up and turn your house into a greenhouse? Got a corner apartment stuck to the afternoon breeze? Protect it from direct heat with UV coating on your windows and curtains, and if you have a feature that landed, shade the sunshades on the windows. If you are on the raised floor of the ocean floor, clear a straight path through your home to enjoy the cool sea breeze.

Radiant Barrier Installation

This type of reflective attic insulation is designed to help you reduce your service bills. When it works properly, insulation reflects radiant heat from its source. In the summer, when the sun falls on its surface, this prevents the attic insulation from heating up, allowing your HVAC system to operate at a better rate. Don’t waste energy.

Green bathroom accessories

The bathroom is where you use the most water in your home, and proper “green” accessories can help water flow. Low-flow showers and toilets are just two things that can help.

Consider the material you use


No matter how long you live in good conscience, buying and eating if your home is slowly escaping from toxic substances, this whole commendable mind is largely ignored. Paints and adhesives may contain harmful VOCs that are transported into the air when the liquid dries. These damages have been associated with headaches, nausea, allergies, and some forms of cancer.

Use efficient appliances


Many appliances are being upgraded to operate at optimal levels with less energy consumption. Refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, and light bulbs are just a few of the things you can replace in your home.

Make a friend of technology

Smart houses are ecological houses. If you can afford it in the short term, installing smart home systems will save you money in the long run. Buy devices that have built-in features that reduce energy and water waste.

Paint your house with eco-friendly paint

Vinyl siding is eco-friendly because it eliminates the need to paint and repaint your home, and because it can help insulate your overall home. Regardless of technology, you can improve the air quality in your home, without the help of electronics and plant media. Potted houseplants do double duty as natural decorative elements and air purifiers.

Use green cleaning

A biodegradable polyethene trash bag has been created to degrade into water, gas and humus in the landfill. Instead of creating more trash as you try to get rid of the trash, use biodegradable plastic trash bags in the workplace while cleaning. Also, use a reusable rag on paper towels to clean up your mess without extra waste.

Neoprene reusable shoe covers

Wear a reusable neoprene cap over the safety shoe when entering the client’s home. This will allow you to keep your home clean from dirt, mud, and water while keeping your safety shoes safe. There are shoe covers, paper and plastic, but they are disposable single-use products that do not offer the same safety features or are environmentally friendly.


When you look around your home, you will find many opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint. See a contractor that provides green home solutions today for more information on what you can do to make your home green.

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