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New Cloud Computing Supply Chain Against Corona Virus

Following the coronavirus outbreak many supply chains have been put under pressure. Many reports show how the distribution of products have been interrupted by factories throughout china being closed down, and transportation being cut in order to contain the virus from spreading.

The impact is assessed on the basis that much manufacturing is largely traditional, manufacturers produce goods out of the same products in large quantities and distribute them through the supply chains around the world.

This outbreak has put a spotlight on the benefits of industry and cloud manufacturing, including high mix, low volume manufacturing. This solution gives manufacturers flexibility to produce different quantities based on the demand.

Many confuse Industry 4.0 with larger scale robotics and automation, however that is only the beginning. Many businesses have started on some amount of automated manufacturing.

With cloud computing manufacturers operate in a smart factory environment combined with many manufacturer resources and services that support the manufacturing cycle. This allows information and software to be shared by companies in different countries. The benefits of cloud computing are fantastic if one takes into consideration the impact on a supply chain when an outbreak messes with the transport of goods.

British sugar is based on circular strategies, the company pumps the excessive carbon dioxide from its factories into a pasture where the plants absorb it as part of their photosynthesis. They do this to limit their waste and impact on the environment.

The Singapore government, announced in its 2020 budget, that it plans to allocate $300 million to encourage start ups with good capabilities to market themselves globally, it is focused primarily on newly emerging areas such as med-tech, agri-food, and advanced manufacturing.

These are areas that would benefit the most from government support.

Plans for the revitalization of old industrial estates, such as Sungei Kadut, have amazing opportunities for the Industry 4.0. This provides a clean slate for the government to build needed infrastructure for manufactures to be supported as the boost the use of technology.

With infrastructure, there is a promise of new talent being promoted to support high value manufacturing process, including Nano manufacturing. This is when people oversee operations in a clean room. These trends are right in step with manufacturers trying to attract younger workers. As a matter of fact, all parts of the supply train normally rely on manpower. This is most relevant in urban areas where labor is often harder to come by.

As the manufacturing process grows, the quality of talent is a huge part of Singapore’s economy and will help it improve. Singapore will be able to grow its status and be able to attract new talent as it grows.

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