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The Endless Options for Designing Your Perfect Home Bar

Of the various new and exciting residential design features, home bars are currently the trendiest by far.  In fact, nearly half of locals updating their living spaces are considering installing one.  These people are in luck because build to order flats now offer open concept kitchen designs.  Read on to learn about some of the bar counter layouts currently available.

                                                                     Closable Meal Counter Bar

This unique concept bar offers you the best of both worlds.  It provides you with a convenient open-kitchen serving counter when entertaining family, friends and colleagues.  When not hosting guests, you can pull closed its folding glass window to create an enclosed kitchen.  This enables you to comfortably serve those you invite over, while allowing you to close off the kitchen area when not hosting to prevent kitchen smells from wafting into other areas of your home.  As an added bonus, you can see through its glass panels into your living room as you cook.

                                                           Extended, Two-Level Home Office Bar

This home office bar is remarkably long, with a raised bar area and a lower area for working and snacking.  The sink and food preparation area are located below the raised part, allowing for easy serving.  Ultimately, this is the perfect choice for those seeking a comfortable home work area.

                                                                 Floating Wooden Counter Bar

Enjoy the airy, uncluttered elegance of a floating counter bar.  This beautiful long wooden counter is incorporated into your kitchen walls, so it doesn’t have legs or any other support structure underneath it.  Add a set of wire-framed bar stools to further enhance the openness effect of this stylish bar counter.  Whatever you intend to do, this bar gives you plenty of open leg room and counter space for it.

                                                          Independent Multifunction Station Bar

While this detached station bar is compact, combines multiple useful functions for entertaining.  Integrated into this small, easy to maneuver around, station is a food preparation area, an oven and a storage cabinet.  This allows you to prepare food and serve guests without having to move around much.  You can conveniently store all necessary cooking utensils beside the stove in the storage cabinet.  After preparing edibles and drinks, you can simply place them on the ample-sized bar counter atop the stove.

                                                                  Integrated Storage Shelf Bar

The Integrated Storage Shelf Bar is both pragmatic and utilitarian.  Rising just above the kitchen sink and food preparation area, this design allows you to communicate with guests while preparing their meals, snacks and drinks.  At the same time, the bar’s outward face doubles as storage shelving for pantry items.

                                                               Large, Two-Person Counter Bar

An attractive bar for those who want additional space for working or enjoying leisure activities.  This large overhanging counter comfortably accommodates two people and facilitates, among other things, multitasking, morning coffee time and working on your laptop while snacking.  As an added bonus, the counter’s sleek laminate is easy to clean and comes in a color to match all your other home décor.

                                                                 Recessed Face Hanging Bar

The face of this bar is recessed, giving you additional leg room, and its spacious counter is wide and overhanging.  Its sturdy, sideways ‘L’ shape connects to the wall to provide additional support.  If strategically placed in front of your entryway, this is a welcoming sight after a long difficult day at the office.

                                          Find the Right Interior Designer to Craft Your Dream Bar

Getting the bar you want isn’t as easy as you may think.  Certainly, it’s not something the inexperienced should attempt on their own.  However, finding the appropriate expert for your needs can be a daunting, time-consuming task.  If you aren’t careful, it’s exceedingly easy to inadvertently hire a mediocre or even subpar designer.  Fortunately, Singapore’s top renovation website and app, HomeRenoGuru, helps you sort through the massive crowd of experts to find the perfect one for you.  Ask HomeRenoGuru for a no-obligation quote today and they will find the right interior designer for your budget and particular needs.

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