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Top Quality Kitchen Supplier and Toilet Paper Holder for Your Home

Top Quality Kitchen Supplier and Toilet Paper Holder for Your Home
Top Quality Kitchen Supplier and Toilet Paper Holder for Your Home

As with any interior design project, it’s necessary to ensure that you take your time when picking the design you want for a new kitchen. In fact, it’s probably more important than any other room in the home, given the comparative expense when buying all the units, fittings and possible appliances you’ll need for this vital room.

However, getting the right designer and fitting expert can be difficult. Everyone has heard one or two horror stories regarding a kitchen design gone horribly wrong, though this can be avoided by going with experts in the field – ones that can offer you the whole package.

A lot will still fall on your shoulders, though, so be sure to ask yourself a few questions first before you start looking into potential suitors for getting the job done. This will at least allow you to see if only a little bit needs changing – and whether or not you can tackle the project yourself. Of course, if you eventually use a kitchen designer, they will ask a number of these questions, so these criteria will help you prepare for this possible initial meeting.

Do you plan to live in your house for a long time, and if so, how long will you be around to enjoy a new kitchen?
If a kitchen would be greatly improved with major structural changes to the room and fittings, would you put in the extra money?
What are the things you dislike the most about your current kitchen?
What would you most want from a new kitchen?
How would you describe your perfect new kitchen in three words?
What is your absolute maximum when it comes to your budget?

When you’ve decided on these criteria, you’ll be in a better position to make a decision on if you need a contractor. Remember that companies that build and fit a kitchen to your space are the best bet; by checking out review forums such as this thread on Wren Kitchens and Magnet, you can learn more about the subtle differences between the different companies. Naturally, scare stories crop up, but you can always discuss these with possible designers.

Of course, going to showrooms will also help you envisage what things will look like in front of you, while companies like Wren offer interactive guides and design tools that can really open your eyes to the possibilities inside your kitchen. Simply visiting the homes of friends and family to see what you like and dislike about their kitchen can also offer countless hints and tips, so don’t rule out these simple fact-finding missions – you may never realise what you’ve overlooked until it’s too late!

Once done, I wanted to see if the ends of the new pivoting toilet paper holder were the same size as the one being replaced. If it was perhaps I could save some installation work. Well, as the picture below shows, while the styles are very similar the new holder has smaller ends.

Old and New Toilet Paper Holders Installing Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder

The next step was to use the installation template provided in the packaging to measure and see if the space between the ends of the new accessory was the same as that for the toilet paper holder it was replacing.

Installation Template Installing Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder

Sadly, it was not; the new pivoting toilet paper holder was longer. So, I needed to remove the anchors on the wall from the old T.P. holder.

Now, I could reuse with just a little finagling icon wink Installing Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder the set of holes in the drywall on the left. For the holes on the right based on the distance from the template they ended up being to the right of the existing holes.

Toilet Paper Holder Installation Materials Installing Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder

The installation instructions call for use of a drill with a 5/16′ths drill bit and into the resultant drywall holes I would place the butterfly drywall anchors as part of the collection of installation components received as part of the Moen Banbury toilet paper holder packaging, shown above.

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